Mkay and Scholar formally known as Mark and Scott Jenkins are a captivating duo who write, produce, and perform classic hip-hop music. Having an intrinsic love for music, the brothers discovered their magnetism as a team while writing and creating their first hip-hop track together at a local Charlotte, NC studio. 

Mkay, 21 and Scholar, 24 are a breath of fresh air for traditional hip-hop enthusiast. Looking, sounding, and performing like no one else in the scene, they've combined their passions, talents, and musical influences to create upbeat hip-hop music with deep lyricism. 

They were recently featured as upcoming artists on the Universal Hip Hop Museums 16 Bars 4 Hip Hop Album. The artists and music featured on the album were hand-picked to demonstrate Hip Hop’s global diversity and creativity. Proceeds from the album go directly towards the construction of the FIRST museum dedicated to the preservation of Hip Hop culture. The museum will be located along the Harlem River waterfront in Bronx, NY. The Universal Hip Hop Museum is also scheduled to open a virtual online museum that will be accessible to Hip Hop enthusiast around the world. 

Scholar is influenced by traditional artists such as Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Usher, and Drake, while Mark is inspired by such musical masterminds as ASAP, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and his favorite Eminem. The duo seeks inspiration from the greats while maintaining a true sense of self to deliver a connectable "feel-good" sound. Their number one goal is to honor hip-hop while maintaining artist individuality through their unique vocals, style, and lyricism. 

With roots in Charlotte, the brothers teamed up with Ampway of Ampway Music (Greensboro, NC). Ampway took the duo to Atlanta, GA to record at ICON Studios where they've worked and recorded with producers C Sharp, Chris Beats and B-don. They've conducted live performances at numerous venues in Atlanta, GA as well Charlotte, Wilmington, & Greensboro, NC. 

Scholar recently had a video of him and his mother dancing at a local talent show go viral, racking up over 42 million views to date. The viral clip of the mother and son duo dancing to top songs over past the several decades demonstrates Scholar's true ability to perform and captivate an audience. 

There music has been played on Power 98 FM in Charlotte, and their most recent music video, "That's Me" released less than 3 weeks ago has over 9k views on YouTube. With their forward-thinking approach to traditional hip-hop music, the magnetic duo has quietly become an underground favorite. There's no doub that Scholar's smooth lyricism and Mkay's icey cold vocals give their music a relatable feel and vibrant sound to tip them into the mainstream arena. 

Their music can currently be streamed on Soundcloud and will soon be available on Spotify.

"Many people our age have gone down a dark road and you two guys have given our generation hope."”

— One of our Loyal fans