Universal Hip Hop Museum - 16Bars 4 Hip Hop Album OUT NOW

We are so excited and blessed to be a part of the 16 Bars 4 Hip Hop album presented by the Universal Hip Hop Museum in Bronx New York!! There are 26 songs on this compilation album, and all proceeds go towards the construction of the FIRST museum dedicated to Hip Hop!! Help us build a home for hip hop in Bronx!! 

"16Bars 4 Hip Hop is a charitable music compilation album featuring the 26 artists from all around the world, united to support the preservation of Hip Hop Culture.  The album began production last year with an international talent scout to find the best songs and the most diverse range of talent to represent the Universal Hip Hop Museum’s first commercially available recording.  The album was officially released on November 30, 2017 on CD Baby and is available for downloading and streaming on all digital stores and streaming music sites including Spotify and Tidal next week. 

The artists and music featured on the album demonstrate Hip Hop’s global diversity and creativity, from traditional Boom Bap to the gritty Hip Hop Rock sound. It is Hip Hop reborn!  Make sure you get your copy of this historic album.  Every dime goes toward the preservation of Hip Hop culture!   Check out the songs on the 16 Bars 4 Hip Hop Playlist."

- Universal Hip Hop Museum (December, 2017)

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